Taryn Longo, Founder

Taryn is the woman behind the curtain. Founder of the Mastery Studio, Taryn works with clients in private sessions across the globe. Her one-on-one work is a highly refined amalgam of different therapy modalities that she has constructed from her 10 years of work as well as study in psychology, communications, women's issues, Somatic Experiencing, trauma, classical meditation, leadership, and the arts. She strongly believes in the innate human ability to self heal as well as its need to self actualize, and therefore holds an unbreakable space for her clients to step into their potential. Her work is a dedication to teaching those with trauma to independently restore balance in their emotional landscape by harnessing their inherent power. It is her belief that those who have grown through adversity and challenges are those who have the character to lead. Therefore, she dedicates her life to getting those ready for what's next, where they need to go. Taryn grew up in New England, will forever be a New Yorker, and currently lives in Southern California.


Courtney Talbot, Designer

Courtney is the lead visual designer for The Mastery Studio. She grew up in the same town as Taryn, Guilford, CT. Go Indians! She now resides in the North Coast region of Ohio where she works as a full-time greeting card designer. She has always loved art + design and is inspired by her New England roots, family & seeing new places. She is a graduate of Plymouth State University in New Hampshire with a degree in Graphic Design.


Brandi Ajah Crockett, Photographer

California born and Ojai native, Brandi has been a professional photographer for over 10 years. Her work has taken her to far reaches of the globe in Africa, Indonesia, Europe, and extensively throughout the Americas. Her photographic candor is a vision steeped in extremes; profound cinematic-like storytelling, intimate weddings, vivid landscapes, and authentic candid moments shot through the lens of a raw, rich portraiture. Beautiful, sublime, and nuanced, Brandi’s work inspires the viewer’s imagination to co-create with her and deep dive into textural moodscapes.